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> bogimac, is an engineering company, incorporated in 1991 and located in Grimbergen (Belgium) close to the Brussels Airport. It is specialized in design-to-manufacturing of high dynamic mechanical & mechatronic machinery for mechanical material testing.

Our activity initiated on 10 years of challenging experience in research & development of high speed textile weaving machinery for the world market. Our company started in 1991 on R&D and engineering of mechatronic controls, devices and machinery for the manufacturing industry.

With 20 years of further experience in innovation and renovation projects, the full dedication of our multidisciplinary team of highly motivated engineers goes to the design-to-manufacturing of world-class equipment for the mechanical laboratory of material manufacturers.

We design modern equipment for dynamic testing of materials, empowering our customers in the validation & quality of their own innovative products.

> We focus on dynamic Material Fatigue Testing Equipment
creating new testing standards matching the material's field usage :

- flexible like "band, belt, cable, cord, rope, strip, tape, textile, tire, wire, yarn"
- materials like "abrasive, aluminium, coated, composite, copper, cotton, man-made, plastic, steel, tungsten"
- dynamic test by "bending, impact, pressure, tension, torsion, wear"
- with specific environmental degrading conditions as "arctic, ambient, tropic"

> Our Product Portfolio comprises equipment for :

- high speed fatigue bend testing principles with rotating, pulsing, alternating, over wheel flexing
- wear tests based on endless or alternating rubbing
- single shot or cyclic impact at high frequency
- multi-axial sample loading devices
- ergonomic quick clamp sample clamping
- sample preparation & conditioning
- integrated climatic system for ambient, arctic & tropic conditioning

> Our customers are international leaders in their respective field of material manufacturing.

From our location in Grimbergen (Belgium) we provide worldwide our equipment, servicing & support.
Because of the recognition of our specialized craftsmanship, world-class manufacturers outsource the realization of their dynamic material testing equipment to bogimac instead of starting a single shot in-house development. New generic equipment is under development in win/win cooperation, whereby we Make It Happen, Together

> We thereby "empower your product innovation & quality control" ,
and help our customers in the following Industrial Application fields :

- steel wire manufacturing
- high flex electronic cable
- composite tape on a wheel flexing
- lift & hoisting cable
- flex printed circuit board material
- rope and cable with man-made fiber, steel wire based or combination
- flat, V & time power belt transmission
- bulk transport belt
- steel & aramid tire cord and fabric reinforcement
- textile reinforced flexible rubber products
- high frequency impact to test friability of abrasive powder

> Our technology & products are only our value thanks to the people behind it and the way they act on their working environment to fulfill the customer expectations & requirements. bogimac experienced, motivated, multidisciplinary is thereby continuously challenged to Make it Happen, Together , using the best of value from all bogimac & customer's people involved in the project.

bogimac is continuously improving its in-house Technology craftmanship.

Our products are always designed for serial production and with generic specifications to enable de-facto industry standards to emerge.

They are fully CE compliant and comply to all the security requirements, common industry best practice & international standards.

> To develop relevant equipment we take a lot of efforts in understanding the requirements and technology and market of our customer, as well as improving our international business networking. Therefore we are active member of the following international recognised industry associations :

- AGORIA, Belgian Federation of Technology Industry, Brussels (BE), www.agoria.be
- DSV, Drahtseil Verein, Dusseldorf (DE) www.drahtseil.org
- EWRIS, European Wire Rope Information Service, Paris (FR), www.ewris.com
- IDA, ndustrial Diamond Association, Columbus (USA), www.superabrasives.org
- IWMA, nternational Wire & Machinery Association,Leamington Spa (UK), www.iwma.org
- OIPEEC, International Organisation for the study of the Endurance of Ropes, Novi (USA), www.oipeec.org
- WAI, Wire Association International, Guilford (USA), www.wirenet.org
- Tire Society, Akron (USA), www.tiresociety.org

> Our company emblem is the Helmeted Woodpecker. This bird symbolizes our striving for :

- continuous research, pecking determination, shock surviving brains,
- tough design, high fire rate, dynamic actuation, real-time control,
- high speed sensing skills, compactness & ergonomic design

> Please Contact Us for more information about our Products

You can always challenge us by your request for a new material fatigue testing machine


Bogimac nv-sa, Brusselsesteenweg 107, BE-1850 Grimbergen, Belgium, tel+32-2-27242-00, fax+32-2-27242-01, www.bogimac.com
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