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ITEC In Focus Reinforcements for Tire Performance Conference, Cuyahoga Falls, Akron (OH, USA), 13-14 September 2015,
bogimac presentation
"Modern dynamic fatigue testing methods & equipment for tire reinforcement materials
on tension, bending, compression & adhesion"

Tire Technology Expo 2017, Hannover (DE) 14-16 Februrary 2017
bogimac stand # 2072


RIEG Conference 2016, London (UK) 7-8 December 2016
presentation by Abilash Nair (Dunlop Aircraft Tyres)
"Fatigue and damage resistant materials in next-generation aircraft tyres"

55th Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress, Dornbirn (AT) 20-22 September 2016
presentation by Alexandre Collet (Textilcord)
"Simulation of extreme conditions in tires by shoeshine fatigue testing"

Rubbercon Conference 2016, Tampere (FI) 8-9 June 2016
bogimac presentation
"Precise preparation of reinforced rubber samples
for the Shoeshine fatigue & peel testing methods"

Rubbercon Conference 2016, Tampere (FI) 8-9 June 2016
presentation of Bernard Müller (Glanzstoff Industries)
"Simulation of extreme conditions in tires by shoeshine fatigue testing"

Wire 2016, Duesseldorf (DE), 7-11 April 2016
bogimac stand # 9E01
in Hall 9

Tire Technology Expo 2016, Hannover (DE), 16-18 February 2016
bogimac stand # 4006


ITEC In Focus Testing Innovations 2015, Cuyahoga Falls, Akron (OH, USA), 16 September 2015,
bogimac presentation
"Validate rubber & ire reinforcement materials, early in the design, close to real usage"

1. Ilmenauer Drahttag 2015, Ilmenau (DE), 16 June 2015
bogimac presentation

Prüfverfahren auf Ermüdung für Stahl Draht & Litzen"

Intertech 2013 Conference, IDA, Indianapolis (IN, USA), 18-20 May 2015
in Session "Research & Development", bogimac presentation # 1544
Implementation of the Friatester comminution test method to the workshop of Value Suppliers & Toolmakers"

Tire Technology Expo 2015 Conference, Koeln (DE), 11 February 2015
in Session 3 on
"Tire cords"
bogimac presentation
"Sample preparation of single & dual re-inforced rubber strips for the bend-over-sheave Shoeshine fatigue tester"

Tire Technology Expo 2015 Fair, Koeln (DE), 11-13 February 2015
bogimac stand # 1130


Tire Technology International 2014, November 2014
bogimac article
Products & Services, p101-102
"Precise sample preparation for reliable fatigue testing"

18. Tagung Zahnriemengetriebe, IFT, Dresden (Deutschland), 16-17 September 2014
bogimac presentation
"Ermüdungs-Prüfverfahren für Zahnriemengetriebe"

ITEC Tire Manufacturing Conference 2014, Akron (OH, USA), 10 September 2014
bogimac presentation
"Practical insights on state-of-the-art Hunter & Shoeshine
pre-validation fatigue test methods for tire reinforcement materials"

ITEC Tire Manufacturing Expo 2014, Akron (OH, USA), 9-11 September 2014
bogimac stand # 216

IRC Rubbercon 2014, Manchester (UK), 14-15 May 2014
bogimac presentation
"Dynamic fatigue testing of cord & fabric reinforced rubber,
close to final product usage"

Wire 2014 Fair, Duesseldorf (DE), 7-11 April 2014
bogimac stand # 9E02 in Hall 9

Tire Technology Expo 2014 Conference, Koeln (DE), 11-13 February 20134
bogimac presentation in Session 3 of "Tire cords"
"Pratical insights on state-of -the-art Bend-Rotation & Bend-over-Shearve material fatigue test methods"

Tire Technology Expo 2014 Fair, Koeln (DE), 11-13 February 2014
bogimac stand # 1141


Tire Technology International 2013, November 2013
bogimac article
Products & Services, p80-81
"Material fatigue testing"

CabWire World Conference, Milano (Italy), 4 November 2013
bogimac presentation in the Ferruous Programme

"Fast validation of high-value wire & rope related products
Close to Real Usage"

17. Tagung Zahnriemengetriebe, IFT, Dresden (Deutschland), 17-18 September 2013
(EN): bogimac tabletop, presenting its fatigue testing equipment
for belt power transmission and steel & fiber wire/cord/rope for rubber reinforcement"
(DE) bogimac presentiert auf seine Display-Tisch die Ermüdungsprüfmaschinen seiner Programm
für Zahnriemen sowie für Stahldraht oder Faser-Verstärkung von weitere technische Gummi Produkten

Wire Journal International, June 2013,
bogimac article
Testing & Measuring Equipment, p55-56
"Material fatigue testing of wire & rope products
on bend-rotation & bend-over-sheave equipment"

Industrie Technisch & Management, May 2013 edition
p18, Paul Pattyn, CEO of Pattyn Packing Lines (BE)
"bogimac reliable SmartControl machine controller unit"

Intertech 2013 Conference, IDA, Baltimore (Maryland, USA), 6-8 May 2011
bogimac presentation in Session "Research & Development", presentation # 1343
Diamond Grits & its Blends with the Friatester"

InterWire 2013 Conference, WAI, Atlanta (Georgia, USA), 25 April 2013 12:30-13:00,
bogimac presentation in Session "Ferrous Testing"
"Validation of your high-value wire and rope products on material fatigue with state-of-the-art
bend-rotation and bend-over-sheave test equipment"

InterWire 2013 Fair, WAI, Atlanta (Georgia, USA), 23-25 April 2013,
bogimac stand # 2144

Tire Technology Expo 2013 Conference, Koeln (DE), 6 February 2013,
bogimac presentation in Session 3 of "Tire cords"
"Early validation of advanced textile & steel cord based tire- & rubber-reinforcement"

Tire Technology Expo 2013 Fair, Koeln (DE), 5-7 February 2013
bogimac stand # 3051


Tire Technology International 2012, November 2012
bogimac article in section Products & Services, p78-79
"Precise Fatigue Testing"

ITEC 2012 Fair, I-X Center, Cleveland (Ohio, USA), 18-20 September 2012
bogimac stand #735

Tire Society Conference 2012, I-X Center, Cleveland (Ohio, USA), 18-19 September 2012
bogimac presentation
"Overview of modern testing methods and equipment
for tire and rubber reinforcement materials"

Ondernemers, Voka (BE), May 2012 edition
Innovatie, p37
"Machinebouwer met een visie"

Wire 2012 Fair, Duesseldorf (DE), 26-30 March 2012
bogimac stand 9E02 in Hall 9

Tire Technology Expo 2012 Conference, Koeln (DE), 14 February 2011,
bogimac presentation in Session 5 of "Tire cords"
"FEA design-relevant fatigue testing of new tire re-inforcement concepts"

Tire Technology Expo 2012 Fair, Koeln (DE), 14-16 February 2011
bogimac stand # 8105


Tire Technology International 2011, November/December 2011 edition
Industry People, p60
"FEA takes away part of the role of classical fatigue tesing,
the new challenge is to validate the assumptions of FEA-based design in the early stage"

CabWire World Conference 2011, 7 November 2011, Ferrous Session 4
bogimac presentation
"Fatigue test methods of high value wire products beyond basic static validation"

Tire Science & Technology Journal, The Tire Society, Volume 39, Issue 3, September 2011, p168-192
article of Sarah van Bogaert (bogimac)
"Mechanics of Bend-Over-Sheave (Shoeshine) Fatigue Testing of Cord-Rubber Laminates"

Wire Journal International, WAI, June 2011, p61-62
"Testing & Measuring Equipment at Interwire 2011"

InterWire 2011 Fair, WAI, Atlanta (USA), 3-5 May 2011,
bogimac stand # 666
"Fatigue test equipment for cable, cord, rope & wire"

Intertech 2011 Conference, IDA, Chicago (USA), 2-4 May 2011
2 May 2011, session "Research & development", presentation # 1117
Improvements to the requirements of the friability test methods"

Wire & Cable News, IWMA, Spring 2011,
issue 44, page 4 "Fatigue testing from bogimac"

Wire Journal International, WAI, March 2011
Interwire 2011 Preview, p112

Tire Technology Expo 2011 Conference, Koeln (DE), 15-17 February 2011
15 February 2011, Session 4 : "Steel, non-steel & hybrid tire cords meeting higher standards"
"Trends on validation of new tire rubber reinforcement materials"

Tire Technology Expo 2011 Fair, Koeln (DE), 15-17 February 2011
bogimac stand # 8105
"Fatigue test equipment for tire rubber reinforcing steel and man-fiber cord & fabric"


Antriebstechnik, Vereinigte Fachverlage, December 2010, p 29
Neueste Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der Zahnriemengetriebe
"Belastungstests von Zahnriemengetrieben"

Abaqus Benelux User Meeting 2010, 16 November 2010, Turnhout (BE)
"Using Abaqus to understand and improve the relevance of our fatigue test equipment"

IFTE Dresden, 14e Tagung Zahnriemengetriebe, 30 September 2010, Dresden (DE)
"Übersicht und Evolution Ermüdungs Prüfverfahren für Zahnriemengetriebe"

Tire Society, 29th Annual Conference 2010, 20 September 2010, Akron (Ohio, USA)
"Mechanics of Bend-over-Sheave (Shoeshine) Fatigue Testing of Cord-Rubber Laminates"

Industrial Diamond Association, 7 May 2010, Columbus (Ohio, USA)
"Developing Test Equipment for Mesh & Sub Sieve Abrasives"

Wire 2010 Fair, Duesseldorf (DE), 12-16 April 2010
bogimac stand # 9A44

Tire Technology Expo 2010 Conference, Köln (Germany)
Tire Technology Expo Conference, 9 February Session 4 : “Steel and textile reinforcement materials”
“Standard fatigue tests of steel and textile reinforcement materials, matching virtual tire load conditions”


Technisch Management, februari 2007, Pattyn
p35 "Machine voor alle werk", "Halvering van levertermijnen"

Intertech 2006, april 2006, IDA, session Superabrasive Innovation, Custodiam (Husqvarna)
“New Friability Measurement with a Piezoelectric Shock Sensor for Testing Diamond Grits”

SolidWorks Boston Meeting 2005, 7 July 2005
“Re-engineering our business with Solidworks”

Technisch Management, februari 2004
"Embedded Operating Systems : groei naar standardisering ?"

Technisch Management, juni 2003, p65-p70 - "Terug naar de Roots of Bedrijfs Re-engineering"
Technique et Management, juin 2003, p65-p70 - "Réingénierie d'une entreprise"

Technisch Management, juni 2003, p6-p14 - "Winnen standaardcomponenten het van maatwerk ?"
Technique et Management, juin 2003, p6-p14 - "Victoire des composants standards sur le travail sur mesure?"

Motion Control, juni 2002, p28-p29 - "Mechatronic ruimt plaats voor MechaTronIt"
Motion Control, juin 2002, p28-p29 - "Mechatronic cède la place à la MechaTronIt"

Vraag & Aanbod, 12 maart 2002, p7
"De innovatoren" @ Metapro 2002

Cad/Cam Magazine, september 2001, p17
"Dank zij 3D MCad is iedereen mondig, als hij maar een goed idee heeft"

Electrotechnisch Ingenieur, april 2001, p17 - "SmartControl Architecture & Human Machine Interface"
l'Ingénieur Electronicien, avril 2001, p17 - "Architecture SmartControl & Human Machine Interface"

CAD Magazine, september 2000, p32-p33
"BWA, geïntegreerd Cad/Cam pakket maakt efficiënter verpakken mogelijk"

Technisch Management, maart 2000, p19-p22
"Pedeo Techniek, Matrijzen maken voor marktleiders"


Technisch Management, september 1998
"Matrijsontwerp op CAD, Objekten vergemakkelijken het werk"

Cad/Cam Magazine, maart 1998, p12
"bogimac houdt feestelijk opening van de nieuwe lokalen"

Tendances, 26 février 1998, p36 Entreprendre
"bogimac, éthique en tête"

Tendances, 12 septembre 1996, p18 Entreprendre
"HDB, Où reste le capital à risque ?"

Industrial Systems, september 1995, p20
"Freeswerk onder AutoCAD"

Vraag & Aanbod, 20 juni 1995
"Matrijzenbouwers richten hun eigen softwarehuis op"

Cad/Cam Magazine, mei 1995
"Haal eerst de muren weg en kies dan de juiste CadCam voor uw nieuwe organisatie"

Le Soir, 1 avril 1994, p17
"Titan Baratto, une firme bruxelloise a créé un robot de couture pour les tapis de sol des autos"

CA-Techniek, september 1993, p28-31
"Stewal, Matrijzenbouwer integreert gehele Cad/Cam proces"

Cad User BeNeLux, november 1992
"Partnership rond AutoCAD"

Trends, 14 augustus 1991, p50
"Engineering, starter volgens het boekje"

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