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bogimac designs, manufactures, supplies and follows up material fatigue testing equipment, to empower your product innovation and quality

Material Fatigue Testing Equipment

Material fatigue testing typically happens in the mechanical lab's of material manufacturers and their customers. They validate new products used in a broad range of applications.

Where the validation of materials generally still is done with static or quasi-static test methods, more and more manufacturers are concerned about testing in an early stage under real-usage conditions :

- allowable stresses for pulsing, alternating, reverse and multi-axial load conditions are lower than for static tensile testing
- inclusions in the material initiate cracks that grow at low stress conditions
- residual stress levels induced by tough manufacturing conditions influences the fracture physics
- dynamic adhesion issues in the material matrix create delamination
- degradation of the material surface by internal or external contact fretting mechanisms
- environmental temperature, humidity & corrosion affect the material surface conditions

They need to lower the cost on final product validation, shorten the time to market while increasing the level of confidence because of higher product liability issues and more stringent product standards.

Manufactured fine wire, fiber & band materials in aluminium, aramid, copper, man-made, steel, textile, tungsten & al are used to reinforce a lot of flexible products.
All those products have to be validated on their own application-specific dynamic fatigue or wearing requirements :

- steel & aramid cord reinforced tire
- wire manufacturing
- wire and fiber rope
- lift & hoisting rope
- transmission and transport belt
- high flex electronic cable
- composite tape on a wheel flexing
- flex printed circuit board material
- flat, V & time power belt transmission
- textile reinforced flexible rubber products

Because of the diversity of application of those flexible materials and their composites, dynamic testing in this field is still missing relevant normalized tests with world-wide industry acceptance. In those conditions the material manufacturers are generally developing in-house test equipment to simulate the degrading behavior of their products in the field, hoping for relevance between their mechanical lab tests and the in-field application.

Especially in the field of the high performance testing of flexible materials with "big motion - high speed - high & variable load" , the machine design requires very specialized knowledge in dynamic mechanics as well as high speed mechatronics. Because of the specialized craftsmanship in high speed machinery and typical development cost required, most material manufacturers, who need to focus heavily on their own product innovation & quality control, are now preferring to rely on experienced partners.

On the other hand, the typical problem that those material manufacturers & their customers face daily is the lack of concordance between their respective test methods. So the creation of product-specific but generic test methods can fundamentally help value-creating producers by :

- enabling openess & confidence on quality between business partners, using matching testing methods
- simplify the entrance in new application markets
- shortening the time to validate the good quality of a product
- dramatically reduce the loss of time & costs, caused by providing or using bad quality
- through transparent comparison promote the value-creating suppliers on the world-market
- creating real leadership on product specifications that may be openly challenged

The development of generic & modular equipment permits to spread the development cost of high speed machinery.
This is not only reducing the operational costs and product development time,
but also eases the deployment of simplified versions of the equipment to be used by operators of quality control equipment in the production plant.

Empower your Product Validation & Quality

We understand that to empower your innovation, the testing equipment does not only need performance & reliability.
We provide a complete "battery" of
observation methods to enable you to analyse & fully understand the real-life degradation behaviour of your products.
We put high efforts in the development of specific
early-warning methods., to permit the mechlab analyst to understand the real reasons of product degradation :

High speed & stiff regulation

- material fatigue tests needs a lot of cycles, so this has to go fast, without loosing the relevance of the test
- stiff mechatronic regulated load, avoiding natural frequencies in the system that affect the load conditions
the only flexible element in the system is the one you can not avoid : the sample

Test & Sample visibility

- Smooth operation permitting deployment in a desktop environment near the desk of the mechlab analyst
- Perfect viewing of sample and test conditions during test-run
- Good lighting conditions
- Always with operator security in mind

Early-Warning systems

- Test behaviour monitoring sensors
- On-line graphical representation of those signals during the test
- Detection wizzards of first sample degradation
- Evaluation of further degradation behaviour

Sample & Test Room conditioning

- Sensing of temperature of sample and test room
- Ambient Fan cooling system to enable high speed operation
- Adaptive control of test & fan speed
- Optional test room heating or cooling

dynaLyse PC operator panel, monitoring, data mining & wizzard

- Easy operation
- Receipes save & recall
- Data storage & processing & graphical presentation
- Test chain wizzards & automation

Quality control

- Thanks to the modular design simplified versions without all the analysis functionality are deployed in the production plant, to be used easily by operators on the workfloor

World-class design of high speed testing equipment

Thanks to more than 30 years experience on Engineering in the field of high speed machinery for the manufacturing industry, bogimac built up the Technology typically requested in those applications.

We also master the mechanical lab methodologies. We start by getting full understanding of the material specifications and field-usage conditions, so as to achieve relevant relationship between field-usage & test-conditions.

We use and sharpen our craftsmanship continuously, aiming for the best customer value on :

- Relevant test method without cross dependency physics
- Reliability of results & usage
Low deviation in the results
- Performance by high speed &
multihead operation
- Industrial design
Ergonomics on sample manipulation & observation
- Ease of use & operator
- Easy test setting with task based
Low noise emission, permitting installation in desktop environment for easy followup
Energy saving
- Zero tolerance on operator
Conform to norms & best practices
- Providing optional integrated
climatic conditioning
- Design for serial production
Generic & modular concept for broad application field


Remote Support & On-site Calibration

remote support with internet based diagnostic services and software upgrading.

Optional calibration kits permit the customer to do the on-site calibration at will

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