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Make it Happen, Together : our engineers and technicians improve continuously our innovation and added value-creating skills

Make It Happen

Result driven

- The staff is efficient, open minded, eager to learn, pro-active, stress-resistant, highly self-motivated and result-driven.
- We start by challenging the product specifications & project goals.
- Assertive teamwork extracts and uses all the expertise and ideas from everyone involved.
- We build up good primary understanding and personal practice in the aimed application field.
- From lateral thinking during idea creation we move to pragmatic concept definition.


- Good understanding of precision mechanic, motion dynamic, actuation & sensing
- State of the art 3D mechanic design, analysis and manufacturing technology
- Full expertise in hardware design of small, smart, fast, precise & modular micro controller systems
- Programming experience in real-time multitasking control & windows based interfacing


- In product supply, maintenance & support for high volume industrial products on the world market, therefore understanding Life Time Cycle strategies to be taken in account during product design as well as when later product changes are required.
- Strong practice in custom training, in on site and remote support as well as in trouble-shooting on all mechanical, electronic, software and application aspects of our products delivered on the world market.

Cost Conscious

- Our full Design to Manufacturing know-how on mechanical (metal working, plastic injection & forming techniques) as well as on electronics (PCB, assembly, testing) permits us to choose and implement the right design options for low-cost serial production.
- Time and cost against functionality is the challenge of every day in a creator's life, so we really try to use those means as efficiently as possible. We are very technology aware, but are also very pragmatic in our choices. We always try to choose the straightest way to get to our target, without over-acting in meaningless technical skills or unneeded high tech self-satisfaction.
- Our Information System permits us to monitor continuously the cost of the development project as well as the product cost against the targets, so as to enable corrective actions in an early stage.


We plan & manage all the phases from idea to serial production of innovative products :

- Project & product specification
- Idea & concept generation
- Feasibility calculation & estimation
- Testing of risk aspects on dedicated Functional Models
- Mechanical, Electronic & Software Design
- Prototyping & application testing
- Pre-serial Manufacturing Engineering
- Market introduction with training, quality management, technical documents & support assistance

Quality minded

All the company processes and our information system are gradually re-engineered to well defined procedures. We validate continuously the concordance of our products & services to the requirements of our customers and their markets. We work pre-compliant to ISO 9001.


Understanding & using all the existing expertise :

- By challenging at the start the product specifications & project requirements, the best of both customer and our worlds are combined to make a product that is defined beyond the original expectations.
- By assertive teamwork we extract and use all the expertise and ideas from everyone involved.
- We built up good primary understanding and personal practice in the aimed application field, thereby also creating the opportunity to be in contact with the final users of the aimed product as well.

CAV = Customer Added Value

- We monitor our efforts to maximize on real value for our customer
- Our goal is to achieve a long-term relation with our customer base, that represents the real drive for added value in our company.
- Our commitment towards our customers is based on co-operation in trust and with mutual concern, whereby we apply high business ethics within our company.
- To be able to work in total confidence on the engineering projects of machine-builders, we enforce their confidentiality & market exclusivity requests. When supplying our dynamic material testing equipment, we assure total confidentiality on the customer's market, products & production methods.
- We always work in full synergy with the customers marketing, R&D, engineering, manufacturing and servicing teams on the fulfillment of their goals.


- Our company information system permits us to select and query all the actors on a particular field of interest or topic, and challenge them efficiently on our specific project requirements or supply task.
- bogimac has always worked in collaborative ways with its customers, suppliers, colleagues, research institutes, technical high schools & universities
- Our open cooperation & mutual concern approach has created strong links and a lot of confidence, trust & expertise in all the strategic fields of our activity.

We therefore have the full potential of our network to react fast and efficiently to any request or challenge.

Bogimac nv-sa, Brusselsesteenweg 107, BE-1850 Grimbergen, Belgium, tel+32-2-27242-00, fax+32-2-27242-01, www.bogimac.com
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