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We design world-class equipment for dynamic testing of materials, empowering our customers in the development & quality of their own innovative products.
Thereby we support our customers world-wide with all the services around material fatigue they need to fulfill their goals :

> Material Fatigue Consultancy

- design of material fatigue test relevant to final application usage
- training on material fatigue technology (seminar, audit, project)
- audit on existing methods and proposal of improvements
- statistical analysis methods
- validation of test method by finite elements simulation

> Material Fatigue Testing Services

- at our Mechanical Lab Center in Grimbergen (BE)
- on bend-over-sheave, bend-rotation, impact
- machine validation projects
- single shot or occasional test tasks

> Followup of our machines on the field

- installation & commissioning
- on site support & training
- remote support
- machine audit
- preventive maintenance
- spare parts availability
- calibration services

> Machine Retrofit & Upgrading

- custom design adaptions
- upgrade on site of modular machine options
- retrofit new functionalities on older machines
- exchange program from mono- to multi-head equipment

> dynaLyse material fatigue software services

- Calibration software and toolkit, enablnig on site calibration by the customer's engineer
- Test task wizzards & automation
- Data acquisition, monitoring and graphic processing
- Early Warning and Adaptiv Control
- simple scripting by the machine operator
- software programming by bogimac
- software training of the customer engineer
- library of specialized application macros

> Sample Preparation solutions

- sample definition
- custom design & manufactur of specific sample preparation tooling
(mold, frame, straightener)

Please Contact Us for more information about how to get the most out of our test equipment by relying on our material fatigue services.

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