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Our multidisciplinary team of design engineers has more than 20 years of experience on Machine Design & Engineering, working on new machine designs for some of the world-class machine builders of Belgium.

We help them on their product renovation & innovation projects for new functionality, products & markets.
Our products are always designed for serial production.

They are fully CE compliant and in accordance with the industry common practice & standards.
EMC & ESD pre-compliance testing is done in-house.

We organise the whole design-to-support cycle.

We then not only take care of the R&D process, but also execute the prototyping, prepare the manufacture engineering, launch the serial production and deliver the end customer support during the life time of the product, having developed state of the art remote support and on-site calibration solutions


High speed mechanical & dynamic Mechatronic design

Due to our earlier experience as dealer of mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE applications, we have developed a strong
in-house machine design craftmanship in the use of design, finite elements, dynamic analysis, sheetmetal, moldflow, cnc programming for milling-turning-edm and product life cycle management.

We now use extensively 3D MCAD ourselves for the design of our MechaTronIT devices and machinery within our own engineering department. For those projects we now work exclusively with SolidWorks.

Why SolidWorks ? Because of real large assembly performance, consistent design relationship & parametrisation methods, indepth variant design functionality, excellent parametric NURBS surface modelling, integrated sheetmetal, fea & pdm craftmanship, as well as powerfull data exchange with feature recognition & design group communication tools

Typical for performant test equipment for flexible materials are the "big strokes - high speed - high loads" requirements to achieve without vibrations.

We use the following in-house technology in dynamics & mechatronics for the conception phase, design, simulation of the new machine development, thereby mastering virtual prototyping :
- Standard component & drive dimensioning with Python-Numpy-SciPy-MatPlotLib
- FEA simulation of parts & assemblies with CosmosWorks or Abaqus
- Calculation of stiffness & vibration behaviour of driving parts
- Definition & simulation crankshaft and cam driven mechanisms
- High speed high accuracy mechatronic actuator
- OpenMind hyperMill for SolidWorks for our fast prototyping from design to manufacturing

Our machine design is also taking in account the industrial design with focus on user ergonomic, maintenance & diagnostics essential to reach world-class acceptancy.

We manufacture in house prototypes and small series, thanks to :
- mechanic & electronic workshop
- CNC programming with
Open Mind hyperMILL
- in house product & machine assembly & electronic workshop

Validation is done extensively as required for serial production of world-class products :
- dynaMeas mechanic signal dataaquisition & result interpretation
- dedicated test rigs for design & quality control of components & subassemblies
- life cycle tests in our own testroom
- continuous pro-active feedback procedures on field experience
- inhouse pre-compliancy testing of machine load, vibration, noise, EMC, ESD
- automated calibration and quality control procedures with report generation



bogimac SmartControl

We have developed our own generic embedded real time control technology. Our SmartControl micro-controller architecture is used for standard & custom design embedded boards. The hard-real-time multi-tasking machine applications run under our boROS operating system.

Our embedded micro-controller hardware & software SmartControl Architecture, is designed for industrial applications, from small mechatronic devices up to complex industrial machinery, and is particularly appropriate for real-time multitasking application.

Thanks to a thorough optimization of both the hardware and software concept, our SmartControl solution combines increased performance, speed and flexibility at lower cost, even for small series, as compared to standard PLC-PC solutions.

> SmartControl Master standard & custom electronic control units
using CADSTAR schematics and PCB tracing software

- Compact design with full functionalities (digital, analog, encoder, counter, pwm, irq)
- Custom connector configuration avoiding additional cable interfacing boards
- Dedicated to standalone operation
- Fast I/O on board for hard real-time response
- Flexible flash-based serial programmable micro-controller
- Link to PC hosted Human Machine Interface
- Modular implementation of full micro-controller family on same socket
- Open CAN machine field bus for remote I/O control
- Reliable, rugorized for the industry (EMC, ESD, galvanic separation)

> boROS real-time multitasking and boMAC generic machine application suite

- Compact footprint with simple function set
- Easy programming for efficient implementation
- Smart by the boROS hard real time multitasking kernel
- Standard high level IAR ANSI C programming with full low level control



dynaLyse Human Machine Interface

On test equipment with simple operation we use our SmartPan5 or SmartPan16 human machine interfacing.

For comprehensive human machine interface for wizzard-based user interaction, we design & use fanless Linux based panel computer devices and also provide the networking link to the monitoring desktop PC or server.

Our dynaLyse application framework, dedicated to fatigue testing, is used on our modern touchpanel HMI (human machine interface) and on our netbook/desktop PC based applications for data processing, statistical interpretation & graphical display.



Sensor & data-acquisition

Custom design of specific sensors :

- piezo-ceramic sensor
- integrated force & torque straingage sensing
- MEMS acceleration
- LED optical sensing



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